Bob Bly, author of 95+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals how you can ….

STOP scummy internet pirates from ripping you off and stealing your valuable information products!

Theft of intellectual property is rampant on the web today. Now, here’s how you can foil unscrupulous thieves and copyright-violating consumers from stealing your info products and sharing -- or even selling them -- online!

Dear Internet Marketer:

The internet has made it easier than ever for thieves to steal ebooks and other info products you sell online.

And this rampant online piracy costs digital marketers like you a small fortune -- more than $50 billion annually!

But there are now steps you can take – security measures many internet marketers don’t even know about – that can make it difficult if not impossible for internet pirates to purloin copyrighted content that belongs to you … and rob you of online income that is rightfully yours!

Keeps internet thieves from “picking your digital pocket.”

If you create and sell valuable digital content on the web, any unscrupulous scumbag who takes your intellectual property without your permission is little better than a lowlife who snatches your purse or breaks into your home to steal your valuables!

Now, in our quick-reading 60-page ebook, How to Protect Digital Assets and Information Products from Piracy, Kim Stacey and I share with you proven safeguards to stop internet pirates cold.

So these thieves no longer distribute illegal copies of your copyrighted content to their buddies. Or worse, sell it as their own material – and keep all the profits.

In How to Protect Digital Assets, you will discover:

  • Take these extra copyright precautions to make thieves think twice about putting their grubby paws on your written, visual, and audio creations. Pus: how to register copyrights on everything you create. Pages 2-3.
  • Links are legal. But here are 3 troublesome links that could mean headaches for you and your business. Page 20.
  • How to put a halt to online plagiarism and content theft. Page 5.
  • 11 proven methods for protecting your business from data theft. Page 21.
  • What to do if you find pages, articles, and blog posts copied from your site onto someone else’s? Both Internet Service Providers and Google don’t tolerate it – and Google will likely shut down the offending website if you notify them. Page 7.
  • What’s the future of copyright in the digital age? Page 22.
  • Putting up a roadblock to pirates with copyright notices, a terms of use page, copyright infringement warning, and content protection badge. Page 8.
  • The top piracy protection tools and services including content monitoring … web crawling … copyright registration … data security … DVD and CD copy protection … PDF lock-down and password protection … watermarking … plagiarism checkers …software copy protection … terms of use templates … and more. Starts on page 24.
  • Techniques that can prevent content on your web pages from being cut and pasted into other sites and documents. Page 10.
  • U.S. and international copyright protection forms, links, and resources. Starts on page 29.
  • 3 little-known content protection tactics. They work, but at the risk of lowering your SEO. Use only as a last resort. Page 11.
  • Sample documents: content licensing agreement … linking agreement … take-down notice … page 31.
  • 4 ways to track and find any internet pirates who appropriate your content illegally. Page 12.
  • Protect yourself against viruses and malware that could wipe out your hard disk or even shut down your computer. Page 45.
  • Recover your exclusive content and remove it from the offending site with a DMCA Take-Down Notice. Page 12.
  • Block unauthorized access to your computer with a firewall. Page 48.
  • Use the Google Webmaster tools to file a complaint against the internet pirates who steal from you. Page 13.
  • Upgrading your encryption with a virtual private network. Page 49.
  • Antivirus and security software … malware protection utilities … firewall utilities … virtual private network service providers … Starts on page 52.
  • Protecting digital photographs and artwork. Page 13.
  • How to avoid getting burned by phishing scams online. Page 55.
  • How to make it difficult for online pirates to copy your photos with a digital watermark. Page 14.
  • Discourage visual theft by licensing your images. Page 15.
  • 3 ways online storage on the cloud makes you especially vulnerable to internet image thieves. Page 15.
  • 5 good reasons to copyright register your software now. Page 15.
  • 3 proven methods for protecting ebooks and other PDF content. Page 17.
  • How to bring the wrath of the law down upon copyright infringement. Page 19.
  • And much more.

Act now and save $20!

By mastering the field-tested methods in How to Protect Digital Assets and Information Products from Piracy, you can quickly and easily:

>> Defend yourself against online thieves who want to steal your digital assets and other information products.

>> Stop your customers from distributing the digital products they bought from you to their friends for free.

>> Shut down internet pirates who take your content, post it on their own websites, sell your products to other without your permission, and steal all the money from you.

The list price for How to Protect Digital Assets and Information Products from Piracy is a very reasonable $49.

But for a limited time only, it’s yours for just $29. You save $20. That’s 41% off the regular rate.

Our unconditional guarantee of satisfaction

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with our ebook, How to Protect Digital Assets and Information Products from Piracy.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any other reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within 90 days.

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Even as you read this sentence, unscrupulous internet users may be passing around, or even selling, your copyrighted information products and other intellectual property you own.

Why let them get away with it … and continue to rob you … for even one more day?

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